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Use preset search criteria, so that you can easily search for e.g. "shares with high dividends", or search for the shares that currently have a technical buy signal, or you can search for the shares with the best profit development in relation to the price development, etc.

Stock analysis for everyone

Find course winners is designed to suit all users - no prior knowledge required! You can grow with the program and take part in more advanced functions gradually, at your own pace. Our special FA module is structured in seven steps - you get guidance at every step.

Sweden’s most used analysis program

Find course winners has a long history and is constantly evolving. Thanks to users who feed back wishes and ideas, it leads to a better program. Meet other users in various forums, stock meetings, training courses, YouTube channels, etc.

Real-time data Nordic and USA

Company info and course data in Find course winners is affordable. In Find course winners Pro plus, real-time data is provided for all Swedish, Danish and Finnish stocks, as well as several indices such as the important American S&P 500. (in total there are up to 10,000 US stocks in real time)

Course alarms and monitoring

Creating alarms and watch lists is easy. An alarm can be specified when a price level is crossed, when a plotted trend line is broken, or when an indicator such as the RSI reaches a certain value. Notification takes place via direct alarm/sound signal on the computer, as well as via email or mobile phone.

Stock strategies and scripts

In Find course winners you can work with "strategies and signals". A common strategy/signal can be to buy when the stock's moving averages cross each other. There is also a simple scripting language (HkScript) for creating and testing your own technical indicators and strategies.

Latest news

Nu släpps ny version 4.2.1 av Hitta kursvinnare! Det är ett par uppdateringar:
* I programdelen Bolag har tillkommit en Analys-del som ger en snabb diagramöverblick på bolagen.
* Ritverktyget ”Fibonacci Extension”
* Enklare Sök och snabbval. Med mera..

Hmm här borde Teknisk analys ge ett kortsiktigt köp på Blå kurva? Säg på 3 dagars sikt.. 🤔
Otroligt hur teknisk #aktieanalys tycks fungera även i helt andra sammanhang.
#finanstwitter #SvtNovus

I nya versionen 4.2 av Hitta kursvinnare tillkommit bl a en mängd fundamentala nyckeltal. Alla vanliga (och ovanliga..) nyckeltal ska nu finnas. Urval/sök-delen har förenklats bl a med förinställda flikar. I TA-delen tillkom "Flera fönster"-funktionen mm:

Nytt i Hitta kursvinnare: Ett effektivt verktyg för att rita ut vågor. Välj vilken vågtyp som ska ritas ,A-B-C eller 1-2-3-4-5 osv, och dra sedan ut vågorna med klick i diagrammet.

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Help manual

Find course winners contains several different modules (e.g. TA, FA, Stockscreener, etc.). In the help manual you will find everything you need to learn how to use the program, with a description of the various modules and how you can work with the program.

The seven steps in Aktiespararna’s Stock Analysis

In the Find Course Winners module for fundamental analysis, you work in a 7-step model where the company's stock is analyzed based on a number of questions that are crucial for assessing long-term development.

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