ChartSignals 4.2.1

admin Nyheter

New ChartSignals 4.2.1 is now available!
A couple of updates here:

Companies – a new Analysis tab shows several charts for each company.
In the Company section of the program, an Analysis section has been added,  providing a quick overview of the last few years’ performance for each company.
The new section contains the following charts:
* Price charts and P/e ratio charts including the P/e average.
* Charts with 1) Sales, 2) Sales growth, 3) Profit margin, 4) Profit, 5) P/E ratio and 6) Dividends.

Comparing the historical P/E average to the current P/E ratio, will show whether the stock price growth has kept in pace with earnings growth, to help determine if the stock is relatively overvalued or undervalued.

Companies – current year report information
The current year – i e rolling last 4 quarters – is now also shown in all charts, where fresh report data are available following the latest financial statements.
For example, the figure Q3 2022 is report data merged from Q4 2021 through Q3 2022 (1 year).

TA – new drawing tool: Fibonacci Extension
The  previously missing “Fibonacci Extension” drawing tool was missing has now been made available in ChartSignals.
Fibonacci Extension is used to project the third wave (after a previous top/bottom or bottom/top), to visualize the relevant levels according to Fibonacci.
In the Wave Theory tool, there is also an option to make “Level Calculation” to view the waves’ relative sizes (e g 1.0, 0.38, 1.6 etc).

TA – easier search feature
The Share List search feature has been improved.

UUSA data: easier settings and search feature
A shortcut for selecting among the several thousand US stocks has been added, as well as a search feature.