ChartSignals 4.2

admin Nyheter

We have now released ChartSignals version 4.2!
This is the start of several new enhancements to ChartSignals in the coming year. New features have been added and the possibilities for analysis are now further expanded.

Selection/search (Stockscreener)
Several new key performance indicators (KPIs) have been added to ChartSignals, among the approximately 20 new indicators you fins e g Assets and Liabilities, Cash Flow, Goodwill etc (to access all of them, at least Hk Pro is required).
To make increase user friendliness to use, we have added the following set of preset tabs/main categories:
* Fundamental data: This category contains aggregated key figures for the categories Valuation, Dividends, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Growth, Debt, Profitability.
* Technical Indicators: Here you find aggregated indicators for the categories Momentum, Volatility, Turnover and Moving Averages. The “Moving Averages” tab highlights stocks that are above/below their moving averages in green or red color respectively.
* Development: Quick lists to be able to see e.g. Winner of the Day, Winner of the Month, Winner of the Year, Loser of the Year etc.
In Selection/Search there is now also a new column selector that simplifies adding or removing key performance indicators. There is now a large, searchable set o KPIs to choose from.

TA – multiple windows
In Chart Signals version 4.2 you can create new chart windows. Either split the screen with e.g. two windows, or create floating windows that can be dragged to any location or other screen.
This function will be further developed in the near future.

TA – drawing tools
Two new drawing tools have been added:
* Wave Theory tool – a simple method to draw waves.
* Risk/reward tool – if you draw the target and stop prices in the chart, the tool will highlight the area and calculate the percentage distances and the risk/reward ratio.

* Updated the import format for transactions from Nordnet (2022).
* Various minor improvements.